Dana’s Pomeranians

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About our Family

I am a Pomeranian Breeder in Texas. My name is Dana, and I have been a Pomeranian Breeder since 1998. Specializing in breeding high-quality poms. We sell our own AKC-registered Pomeranian puppies in Texas and also provide help on training, and knowledge to others who have poms . Our goal is to achieve Pomeranians of excellent quality, type and temperament. Pomeranians make loving, loyal companians. We are a small hobby kennel, and each dog gets individual attention.

Our puppies are raised healthy, they are not raised in a cage, they have lots of room to play and go outside. They also get lots of attention from adults and children. My Husband comes from a family of 9 children, we have raised 5 children and they all live very close, our grandkids and many neice and nephews play with our puppies, so they are well socialized. This is very important in determining what kind of temperement the puppy will have as an adult. To help you with potty training, Our puppies our accustomed to using a doggie door from a young age. All of our Pom's are fed only the highest quality dog food to ensure good health, The puppy will be accustomed to eating dry puppy food (which promotes better health than soft food) when you recieve one of our puppies.

Our puppies come from excellent backgrounds. They are small and sound. Our studs range from 4 - 6 pounds and our broods range from 4.5 - 7.5 pounds. A lot of hard work and attention insures a healthy beginning for our puppies.

T-cup: Dana's Pom's does not breed "T-Cups, Tea Cups, or Tcups" as there is no such thing, especially for Pomeranians. Our Pomeranian's weight ranges from 4 - 7 lbs which is according to AKC standard show-quality weight. Pomeranians less than 4 lbs may have severe health issues such as frequent hypoglycemia, heart failure or brain damage associated with seizures often resulting in death. If you are considering a "T-Cup" be prepared to spend thousands of dollars in vet bills and having a heartache when something happens to the puppy.

If you plan to purchase a Pomeranian, please carefully consider your decision. Your new addition must have care and attention. You must be prepared to keep his vaccinations current and supply training and discipline. Most of all your puppy will need love. If you are prepared to give all this, then you are ready to purchase a new puppy. He or She will be your companian for many years to come.


American Kennel Club--The only legitimate registry for Pomeranians in the US. The AKC is one of the oldest, most respected registries in the country, and requires all frequently bred stud dogs to be DNA-tested. All my dogs are registered with AKC.

If you want to contact me about the poms, please E-mail me.


MY KENNELS RECEIVED THE GOLD STAR CERTIFICATE FROM AKC. This is our Poms home, they have there own beds, aircondition, heat and doggie doors to a large yard. Our poms love the large back yard and the country life.



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