Dana's Pom Babies

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Pom Puppies

We supply AKC papers, a pom manuel, a puppy pack, and a food sample with each puppy. The puppy will have had its first combo shot and been wormed.

Your puppy will come with a NuVET PUPPY VITAMIN. I give my puppies  this vitamin from the first moment they start eating. You can visit my NuVET page to learn more.

Ongoing support for puppies purchased from us is always available.

Pomeranians are easy to care for. They need brushing every few days, and their nails clipped each month. As long as they are fed high quality food, they rarely shed coat (females do shed after whelping). Poms eat very little, so it is not expensive to feed the best food. They are very intelligent and easy to train. Their antics are charming, and each Pom has a lovable personality of its own. Well bred Poms make good children's companions, however small children must be supervised so that the puppy is not dropped or hurt. Toddlers should only hold toy dogs while sitting on their bottoms. Large dogs may also hurt or kill your Pomeranian, so please exercise caution in this regard.

We consider our prices to be very reasonable for puppies of this quality.



Puppies Born!

 And Upcoming litters

Bella and Harley pups are ready to go to their new home!

3 litters will be born in July 2023 from

Fani and Leo

Cappuccino and Zeus

Sadi and Ringo

If you would like to get on my contact list for one of my puppies

please contact me by phone, text or email



Ella - white and black parti girl - $1000 (SOLD)

Beautiful small black and white parti girl from Bella and Harley

Little Gus - Black boy - (SOLD)

Beautiful fluffy black boy with white spot on chest, he will be tiny. He loves to play and follow you everywhere.

Cream Puff - cream parti boy - (SOLD)

Exotic Cream parti boy from Fani and Harley litter. He is a sweetheart and will be a small pocket baby.

Rosie - Black w/white markings female - (SOLD)

Rosie is a sweet curious girl from Sadie and Zeus litter

Star - Blue Merle female - (SOLD)

Beautiful Blue Merle girl from Mercedes and Harley litter - she has a fun personality 

Tiny Button - Blue Parti boy (SOLD)

Button is a tiny blue parti boy, but doesn't no he is small. Has a big personality. He will be a purse baby and he will be about 3 1/2 lbs grown. He loves his snacks. From Sadie and Zeus 

2nd pic of parti girl

She will be small, loves to run and play

2nd pic of Little Gus

The Buy Now button is used if you are wanting to purchase a puppy by credit card or put a deposit to hold a puppy for you. There is a 3% charge to pay by credit card. All transactions will go thru Paypal a secure site. Please do not use the buy now button without contacting me first to see if the puppy is available.

Cotton - Cream parti Girl - (SOLD)

Cotton is a fluffy cream parti female from Sadie and Zeus litter. She loves to lay and cuddle on you.

Blue Merle parti - happy in her new home